Book Review: The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris

I firmly believe, now more than ever, that I exist in my own made up fairy tale land. In it, things are not what they really are but instead are what my impulsive imagination insist they must be. Such was the case of The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris. Here’s what happened. I saw the […]

Happy Obligation Day

Every store has circulars and signs explaining how best to use your money to prove your love for your mother. Instead of being inspiring, these endless suggestions make Mother’s Day seem like an obligation.

And like Victory Gin, holidays of obligation leave a bitter taste.

I Remember

I Remember Sometimes I stand in the shower Cold water turned off Scalding water raining down on me like cinders My skin goes through a transformation Milk white, then new born pink, then cattle brand red In that moment when all the blood rushes up and my skin threatens to bubble, I remember I remember […]