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Make YourSELF Great Again

I know, I know, I’m venturing into polluted waters by even alluding to MAGA and 45. But if you’ll stick with me, I think there’s something here worth talking about.


We, as a species, are solvers of problems. We needed to move upright, so we learned how to walk on two feet. We needed to stay warm, so we created fire. We needed kinship, so we created civilizations. We take what we have and morph it, shape it, turn it into something better.

So when you notice something has tarnished, you want to shine it.  When you notice a hole in the bow of a ship, you want to patch it. When you see something that was once outstanding has turned into nothing more than litter and ashes, you want to rebuild it. Reformat it. Restore it to its fabled glory.

It’s a basic instinct. The desire to fix what’s broken by advancing performance is buried somewhere inside our biological makeup. That drive has led us out of the caves and into the light. And then from the light into the stars.

What if we could erase the perversion that recent times has placed on the idea of returning something to greatness? Instead of the meaningless drivel that slogan became, what if the idea of making something great again was personalized? What if we turned that focus onto ourselves?

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There are dilemmas in each of us that have never found their resolution. These both influence who we are and keep us from reaching what we could become. These dilemmas act as a wall between us and what we can accomplish. And is it these dilemmas we keep in the shadows. If we were able to lighten the darkness they create, we could return ourselves to greatness.

This type of greatness isn’t monetary or political. It’s a Self greatness. The kind that we were infected within our youth. The kind that made you as brave as those heroes you read about in the comics and saw on Saturday mornings.

It was the kind of greatness that led you through the playground and to the monkey bars. Feeling the heat in the metal bars, it was that greatness that fueled you to climb. Hand over hand, you climbed to the top. There you stood with your arms open and the sun smiling on you and in that moment you were sure you were Universal Royalty. Our connection to the Universe and all her mysteries is stronger when we celebrated the greatness in us.

Slowly that feeling gets stolen from us by those around us who do not or can not, feel their own greatness. A surprising number of those people want to undermine our success so that it didn’t shine better than their defeats. Somewhere along the way these people, by their own accord or by chance, lost their connection to greatness. And because misery loves company, they want us to lose ours too.

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In the Jungian sense, the Self represents the psyche as a whole. So reclaiming the greatness which sits there is no easy task. How do you accomplish that?


 Tell your truth. Even if its only to yourself. Vocalize what is true for you. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be surprised if this is one of the hardest undertakings you ever face. When someone asks, “How are you?” , stop saying you’re ok or that you’re just tired. Tell them the truth. Tell them your hurt. Tell them about your pain. If that truth kills the conversation and makes them run and hide, that’s their lack of greatness showing. Even if it makes them uncomfortable, it will do good for you.


Recharge Your Shine. There are things in this world that replenish us. Sometimes it’s music. Sometimes it’s art. Sometimes it’s as simple as peace and quiet. Whether its throwing darts at pictures of history’s greatest bastards or jamming out to 80s New Wave, do what makes you glow. Find time in your day to expand yourself with the things that make you feel happy. That taste of happiness will ignite the greatness inside.


Get Uncomfortable. Change hurts. Growth hurts. Remembering the steps to a dance long forgotten hurt. Take that hurt and use it as fuel for your journey. No one acquires greatness without sacrificing their comfort. Stepping outside your comfort zone clears the leaves from the path and helps you see the way clearly.


Let go. Only seconded by telling your truth, letting go is a serious and heavy contract to sign. Separating yourSelf from material goods that do not serve you is hard. Letting go of relationships that do not bring love and positivity to your life is harder. We must remove the things and people that tie us to our unhappiness. Those items and people are like a wall that stands between you and your greatness. We can not pour from an empty cup. The darkness of a negative attachment empties the cup every time. Release the attachment and let yourself be free.

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The world around us is definitely troubled. We’d be blind not to see it. The only hope we have to cure those problems is to work on ourselves. It is only after we regain our greatness, that we will be able to do be successful in the one thing we were made to do. We were made to solve problems. Now we have to focus on our own.


Save yourSelf. Save the world.


Make yourSelf great again.



Happy Obligation Day

Every store has circulars and signs explaining how best to use your money to prove your love for your mother. Instead of being inspiring, these endless suggestions make Mother’s Day seem like an obligation.

And like Victory Gin, holidays of obligation leave a bitter taste.