Day 4: What are you afraid of?

On the superficial side of things, I am really, really, REALLY afraid of ants. Here in the Southern U.S. we have big nasty fire ants. They seriously are like Satan’s public lice. They are everywhere and are just waiting to crawl on your feet, up your legs and bite the shit out of you. Many […]

Day 3: Favorite Quote

This one is pretty hard. I really love quotes and have a few that have rented rooms inside my head. Some of them have no meaning in everyday life (“Zed’s dead,baby. Zed’s dead.”) and others feel like they were created just for me (“Believe me, nothing is trivial.”) But this one, since I read it […]

Day 2: 20 Facts

I get to blog early today because BOTH BABIES ARE SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME. This is like the planets aligning on the day you win the lottery. It just doesn’t happen. So, Im trying to make the most of it. Today’s challenge theme is ’20 facts about you’. Let’s knock this out: I hate […]

Day 1: Introduction

Ok, let’s do this! I’ve never been good at introductions, so let’s just hit the basics. I’m Angela. I’m in my early 30s and I’m allergic to penicillin. I’m a long time nerd and weirdo. One of my feet is slightly bigger than the other and I’m right handed. I’m the opposite of a perfectionist. […]

Opps Bag- $2

The closest mall to our house has a cookie shop. I actually think it may be called “The Cookie Shop” but I could be making that up because it sounds good in my head. We were at the mall on Tuesday for the Mister to get his eyes checked. (Yes, theres an optometrist in the mall). I […]


Anger is the coating for inadequacy. Anger is the capitalization of pain. Anger is a bad translation of misunderstanding. Anger is unhappiness set on fire. Anger is panic wearing stilts and dropping it’s voice. Anger is Depresson’s paramour. Anger is not a badge of honor. Anger is the dictator that rules after a coup. Anger is […]

It took a bit of time to realize, I am not the perfect mother. Sometimes my kid eats chips for dinner. Sometimes we skip brushing teeth. Sometimes we veg out on the couch and watch tv for hours. Sometimes Im short tempered and honestly, down right rude. Sometimes there arent matching socks for school. And […]