Stop Using That Broom Just For Sweeping. Get Flying, Witch! : Reconnecting To Your Craft

Heraclitus of Ephesus once said, “You could not step twice into the same river.”

Angela of Conjure and Coffee is saying now “You can not meet the same witch twice.”

One of my favorite things about Witchcraft is how individual our paths are. There are no two witches who are alike.  Even though you and I might believe in the same concepts, we will not have the same journey within them. There is no “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” here. Because we are all different, our practices are all different as well.

But the one thing that is similar all across the board, is how it’s damn easy to get unplugged from your Craft. There are many reasons for this. Location, work, family demands, monetary demands, health. The list is endless. For as many desires to practice there are that many things standing in our way.  My personal struggle involves caregiving and family obligation. I am currently a stay at home mom. You’d think that would allow me plenty of time and chances to incorporate my practice into my everyday life. But honestly, it doesn’t. Finding time for myself in the hustle and bustle of this life is very hard. And I’m sure for so many others, maybe even you reading this right now, it’s the same.

How can we change that? How can we throw back the layers of the mundane to find the magick in every day?

Here’s a handful of ideas for reconnecting to the magick you are missing.

Text Dividers_Part 2-04

Stay Lit


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


Fuck “Chill Out”.

Fuck “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Double fuck “Calm down. Everything is okay”.

Stop letting someone else tell you that your fire is not appropriate. It’s that fire that connects you to the Universe. That burning in your soul fuels you to live the authentic life you deserve. When we are told to sit down and be quiet, that is the lesson we feed our soul. We dampen it until it becomes nothing more than an ember.

And why? Why are we so ready to diminish ourselves to fall into line with what someone else thinks is okay? It’s important to remember that “okay” and “normal” are social constructs. They are ideas we’ve all accepted because it makes life easier for those who are in power. They want to you to be separated from your flame. It’s easier to rule the pacified.

Stop living your life for the ease of others. Find the things that ignite you and douse yourself in them. For some, this may happen with meditation. For some, it might be shadow work. For others, it might be blowing everyone off for a few days and playing hermit. Introspection is one of the most powerful ways to replenish.

The fire that sparks inside you will fuel your journey. Once you allow it to burn out all the expectation and obligations you hold for others, your magick will be in clear view.

Up, Up, Down, Down


Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

It is common knowledge that the moon controls the tide. It’s also common knowledge that humans are over 50% water.

So what makes people think the moon doesn’t influence human behavior? Ask any EMT, police officer, ER nurses, or mother and they will tell you that the full moon totally affects human behavior. Our connection to the moon is much more than it just being a satellite. Hell, even the term “lunatic” comes from the Latin word “luna”! There’s no doubt that the moon is a heavy influence.

For us witch folk, the moon is so important. It’s a constant agent of change that we use to chart our cycles, cleanse our crystals and even power us. The phases of the moon and the phases of our lives often fall in step with each other. In the midst of the chaos of our lives, the moon is there.

So if it’s good for empowering and charging our crystals, it has to be good for us too right?

But it doesn’t end with the moon. The elements around us are the elements IN us.

We are Air.

We are Water.

We are Earth.

We are Fire.

We are Spirit.

When we connect to the elements around us, we connect with the elements that make the magick in us. And when we awaken them, the magick they produce is outstanding. We can not be whole with ourselves and deny the elements.

A trip outside can do wonders to help center yourself.  Whether it’s among the trees, or in the dirt, or sitting by the crashing to sea, any place where you can let the earth restore you is the right place. It doesn’t have to be a great mythical journey either, even a quick sit outside with an open heart will count. The intention to bond with Mother Earth will be noticed, no matter where or how.

Talk To The Past


Here’s something you may not know about me. My paternal grandmother’s name is Jerushia. We often talk when I am driving around town. She’s stubborn and has some extremely outdated opinions. She also thinks I’m a bad driver. (To her credit, I totally am.)

The kicker? Jerushia died in 1978.

Her and my maternal great-grandmother, Katie, are the two main connections I have with my ancestors. When I’m driving or cooking, or about to make a mistake, it’s usually their voice I hear. They aren’t fairy tale guardian angels, but what we have works.

For better or worst, the family we are from influences who and what we are.  We all have our fair (or unfair) share of influential ancestors. Some of them act as an inspiration to be a better person, to reach our full potential. Some of them show us exactly what not to be.

The connection to your ancestors can be a great way to open up the avenue to magick in your life. I have a big deficit in maternal figures. So being able to connect to the ones I can means a lot to me. Most of our talks are through meditation and random pop ups. Like sometimes they will just pop up and into my daily life. The car being Jerushia’s favorite place to make an appearance.

For as many different relationships there are, there are ways to communicate with the ones beyond. Spirit boards have long been the way to breach the divide. If that doesn’t work for you, there are so many different ways. All you need to do is find the one that works best for you.

Sidenote: Please don’t think I am advocating for everyone to reach out to every member of their family and take them in. Yes, we are all related to some bastards. We all have people we’d rather not have under our umbrella whether it be in this world or the beyond. I am not saying open the door to the people who have wronged, hurt, or abused you. All I am saying is that the people of our past can hold the key to so many things we don’t understand. They can be a reference for us to learn and experience more. They can even just be figures of guidance and love to help us in the moments we need someone.

Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen (or King)


Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Ever have a really bad argument with someone one day and then still feel it the next? Even though you resolved the problem and made amends, you wake up the next morning feeling like you are neck deep in hangover mode? You drag your feet through the day, spreading that nasty hungover feeling around like a virus? You act short with someone and get a rude reply. You get pissy about that person being rude and end up being rude to someone else in return. The circle goes on and on, drowning you and all those around you in negativity.

When you are negative, the things and people around you become negative too. While I am NOT a follower of the rule of three, I do think the nastiness you send out, you get returned to you somehow. It feeds on itself and multiplies. When you drag it out, when you’re a drag, it builds and builds and pollutes everything.

The longer you hold onto it, the longer it will stay with you. The pains of our past, the bruises of our egos, the unravelling of our threads, are all things we have to eventually let go of. Those feelings will dampen any chance at magick inside you. They are the mortar that holds the bricks together in the wall between you and your magick.

Breaking free of that, breaking apart that wall comes at a cost. You have to be ready to put yourself in a leadership role and take control. You gotta put on that crown and rule over your kingdom. Owning up to your own negativity is a big job. But heavy is the head that wears the crown. Being strong enough to acknowledge that you might be the thing holding yourself back is worthy of a storybook legacy.

Once you clear away the comfortable but problematic skin of being negative, magick will be much easier to find. The restrains will fall away.

Another side note:  I am in no way diminishing the struggle that is depression. I understand, very very well, the struggles of battling depression. I know how it drains the color from everyday life and highlights the negative. It filters everything you see and do through its monochrome lens. Living with depression isn’t what I’m talked about in this section. That’s a whole different demon to battle.

Blessed Be All The Things


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Our surroundings influence us away more than we admit. That’s why we decorate our homes with colors that feel right, keep photographs of those we love, trophies from our accomplishments. That’s why stuffed animals keep their place in our beds way past childhood and why our favorite hoodie just makes us feel so safe.

If you follow the belief that magick is everywhere and in everything then the things around us are open conduits for it to move through. Why not make sure we are surrounded by magickal things and they are clean, charged, and blessed?

Your favored aesthetic can lead directly to inspiration. Being surrounded by things that make you feel magickal will lead you back to being magickal. Wanna wear black on Wednesdays? Do it. Want your living room to look like a Victorian seance? Do it! Having the area you reside in feel magickal to you will allow you to connect with your inner magickal.

There are so many magick tools that have a perfect fit for everyday life. These items can be special occasion pieces or just mundane things you’ve designated just for magick.

Let’s say you surround yourself with candles, incense, besoms, and/or crystals. At a glance, these are just items. But you and I both know they are full of potential energy when it comes to practicing your Craft.

From your atheme to your tablet, the contents of your altar to your phone, any and everything that you use throughout your day can benefit from being cleaned and repowered. So every time you touch or use the item, you’re getting an extra boost of magick.

Take A Look, It’s In A Book

novel books

Photo by Min An on

I’m going to be a little bit pompous and say we are living in one of the greatest time for obtaining knowledge. Yes, we here in America may be teetering on the edge of an Orwellian ultra-pasteurized world. It’s scary and confusing. But honestly, never before has so much information about witchcraft, magick, history and women’s mysteries been so easily available.

Books about magick, witchcraft, and all sorts of Pagan ideas are everywhere these days. There’s no more secret meetings or newsletters. You can walk into any bookstore and find hundreds of titles. If you let your fingers do the work, Amazon has more books on these subjects than Carter’s has little liver pills. There are some amazing authors who are putting out some outstanding work.

Personally, Lisa Lister’s Witch was(and still is) a huge inspiration to me. It’s the book that, without doubt, kicks me in the ass and pushes me back to where I want to be. It’s inspirational in a way that works for me.

Books aren’t the only place you can expand your knowledge.

The internet is full of resources that we may never be able to visit them all. There are so many personal blogs and websites that are amazing!! It’s a brilliant time to be alive and Pagan online. I’ve learned so much about myself and my personal Craft by reading the knowledge others have decided to share. As with anything, there’s bullshit. Just like publishing and face to face interacting, not everything is going to be a fit for you. The great thing about having all this information is that you are always able to move on and find something else.

The magick in you is only a few clicks away.

You Do You


Connecting to your craft is in essence, reconnecting to yourself. There’s a part of us that just is magick. It’s the part that tingles your fingers when you touch a deck of tarot cards or the voice in your head that tells you not to take the shortcut home. We are the magick that has flowed through our ancestors’ veins. We are the magick that fills the air and causes the leaves to fall.

Like I said earlier, WE. ARE. MAGICK.

But here’s the problem. We live in a society where even though we can be different, it’s not always easy or safe. And while it would be easy to say “Fuck ‘em”, sometimes that’s just not the answer.

So what do we do? Like Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.” Your life has to be YOURS. It has to be painted with your brush and in the colors you chose. It’s not going to always be easy. The world will constantly stand in your way because you’re going against the grain. You’re trying to be something outside the conventionally accepted normal.

Let me tell you this. Normality is simply a cultural construct. And you don’t have to play by their rules. Your magick is what makes you whole. Live your magick out loud. Take action each day to make sure you are living the most authentic life you can. Once you allow yourself to fully and truly live out loud, your magick will be bursting at the seams.

Let go of the restrictions you think you have to abide. Let go of the stress from the obligations you take on. Whether that be through meditation or medication. YOU DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU.

And fuck ‘em if they try to tell you different.

Spider Webs-07
Being in touch with our inner magick is important. But trust me, I know it’s not easy. Life gets in the way. Obligations get in the way. We get in our own way. Breaking all those walls down and reigniting our inner pilot light is the only way we can heal the wound the emptiness causes.

Reconnect to your magick, dear reader, any way you can.

It’s all we really have.


Bumping Your Nose Against the Glass: Thoughts on Caregiving, Being Strong, and Self Care

Don’t those words sound pretty?

They sound pretty in that behind the glass at a jewelry store type of way.

You see them sparkle. They draw you in close. But before you know it, you’re bumping your face on an invisible barrier that keeps you from reaching them. Over and over you try to break through. If only you could touch one, hold one for a moment, you know you’ll feel worlds better. But you can’t. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t reach. The only thing you can feel is that enlarging hole in your self worth and a busted, bloody face.

That’s the major struggle of being a caregiver.

For many caregivers, they have one job and one job only. It’s an all consuming position that has little to no time for that pretty concept called self-care. Their one job is being strong.
I grew up in the late 80s and early 90s when Strong Man competitions were popular on TV. Early morning or late at night, on one of the seemingly endless ESPNs, there would be big muscle dudes pulling or picking up big heavy things. And wrestling. Oh my word, there was so much wrestling in the late 80s and 90s that my little eyes couldn’t look away. Those sports helped me to develop an idea of what being strong meant.

To young sports entertainment fan I was, being strong was being able to do things with your body. Being “strong” was being able to work through the pain to make changes. Even if the changes were moving a giant tire or body slamming a giant man. Being strong was a purely physical thing.

After years as a caregiver,

I’ve learned just how wrong that thought was.

Text Dividers_Part 2-04

Being strong is watching your loved one become sick, and knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Being strong is knowing that no matter how much you accomplish, there will always be something else that needs to be done.

Being strong is waking up at all hours, making serious decisions on an unholy lack of sleep.

Being strong is bathing someone who can not bathe themselves.

Being strong is watching the words and phrasing you use to keep your loved from one feeling like they are worthless. It’s remembering they are more than an illness. It’s dressing their emotional wounds along with their physical ones.

Being strong is offering a shoulder to cry on and an arm to lean on, physically and emotionally. It’s being a sponge for the emotions someone won’t or can’t handle.

Being strong is balancing appointments and medications, checkbooks and utilities. It’s knowing what food you can make a meal out of and what type of soap to buy.

Being strong is standing during the storms of emotions and the tidal waves of unhealthy words because sometimes your loved one has been reduced so low that they are not who they once were.


Text Dividers_Part 2-04
Being strong is also saying enough is enough.

Being strong is not feeding into someone’s negativity

Being strong is providing recommendations instead of solutions to someone’s problems.

Being strong sometimes is saying “No.”

Being strong is taking action to patch your own sails when the winds of another have left them battered.

Being strong is practicing the dirty parts of self care. Self care is as ugly as it is brutal. But there’s strength in that pain. There’s a beauty in breaking what you think is yourself to clear the path for a better you.

Text Dividers_Part 2-04

I have been strong.

But at the same time, I have not been strong.

I have often taken on the weight of the world when I should not have accepted it.

I have willingly placed myself in pain to help others feel less. I have not been able to tell someone when their actions have hurt me. I have not been able to take a step back, even when it was vital.

I tell you all this not as a pat on the back. I am not saying I’ve done these things to make myself a martyr. I do not need recognition for my actions. So many women in my life have worn a crown made of bitterness and passive aggression and asked to be praised for it. I do not want that weight on my head. I do not want heads bowed at my feet.

What I want is to be accountable for my actions. The ones that are good for others and the ones that are good for me. I want to be strong enough to do both. I want to breathe without having to make sure there is room. I want to put roots down and have a bit of the sun too.

I don’t have a plan.

I have a desire. A necessity.

I’ve read about it, I’ve written about it. The stars as my guide, dammit, it’s now time to live it.

All I’ve been doing is window shopping lately.

And I’m tired of bumping my nose against this glass.



Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Make YourSELF Great Again

I know, I know, I’m venturing into polluted waters by even alluding to MAGA and 45. But if you’ll stick with me, I think there’s something here worth talking about.


We, as a species, are solvers of problems. We needed to move upright, so we learned how to walk on two feet. We needed to stay warm, so we created fire. We needed kinship, so we created civilizations. We take what we have and morph it, shape it, turn it into something better.

So when you notice something has tarnished, you want to shine it.  When you notice a hole in the bow of a ship, you want to patch it. When you see something that was once outstanding has turned into nothing more than litter and ashes, you want to rebuild it. Reformat it. Restore it to its fabled glory.

It’s a basic instinct. The desire to fix what’s broken by advancing performance is buried somewhere inside our biological makeup. That drive has led us out of the caves and into the light. And then from the light into the stars.

What if we could erase the perversion that recent times has placed on the idea of returning something to greatness? Instead of the meaningless drivel that slogan became, what if the idea of making something great again was personalized? What if we turned that focus onto ourselves?

Text Dividers_Part 2-11

There are dilemmas in each of us that have never found their resolution. These both influence who we are and keep us from reaching what we could become. These dilemmas act as a wall between us and what we can accomplish. And is it these dilemmas we keep in the shadows. If we were able to lighten the darkness they create, we could return ourselves to greatness.

This type of greatness isn’t monetary or political. It’s a Self greatness. The kind that we were infected within our youth. The kind that made you as brave as those heroes you read about in the comics and saw on Saturday mornings.

It was the kind of greatness that led you through the playground and to the monkey bars. Feeling the heat in the metal bars, it was that greatness that fueled you to climb. Hand over hand, you climbed to the top. There you stood with your arms open and the sun smiling on you and in that moment you were sure you were Universal Royalty. Our connection to the Universe and all her mysteries is stronger when we celebrated the greatness in us.

Slowly that feeling gets stolen from us by those around us who do not or can not, feel their own greatness. A surprising number of those people want to undermine our success so that it didn’t shine better than their defeats. Somewhere along the way these people, by their own accord or by chance, lost their connection to greatness. And because misery loves company, they want us to lose ours too.

Text Dividers_Part 2-11

In the Jungian sense, the Self represents the psyche as a whole. So reclaiming the greatness which sits there is no easy task. How do you accomplish that?


 Tell your truth. Even if its only to yourself. Vocalize what is true for you. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be surprised if this is one of the hardest undertakings you ever face. When someone asks, “How are you?” , stop saying you’re ok or that you’re just tired. Tell them the truth. Tell them your hurt. Tell them about your pain. If that truth kills the conversation and makes them run and hide, that’s their lack of greatness showing. Even if it makes them uncomfortable, it will do good for you.


Recharge Your Shine. There are things in this world that replenish us. Sometimes it’s music. Sometimes it’s art. Sometimes it’s as simple as peace and quiet. Whether its throwing darts at pictures of history’s greatest bastards or jamming out to 80s New Wave, do what makes you glow. Find time in your day to expand yourself with the things that make you feel happy. That taste of happiness will ignite the greatness inside.


Get Uncomfortable. Change hurts. Growth hurts. Remembering the steps to a dance long forgotten hurt. Take that hurt and use it as fuel for your journey. No one acquires greatness without sacrificing their comfort. Stepping outside your comfort zone clears the leaves from the path and helps you see the way clearly.


Let go. Only seconded by telling your truth, letting go is a serious and heavy contract to sign. Separating yourSelf from material goods that do not serve you is hard. Letting go of relationships that do not bring love and positivity to your life is harder. We must remove the things and people that tie us to our unhappiness. Those items and people are like a wall that stands between you and your greatness. We can not pour from an empty cup. The darkness of a negative attachment empties the cup every time. Release the attachment and let yourself be free.

Text Dividers_Part 2-11

The world around us is definitely troubled. We’d be blind not to see it. The only hope we have to cure those problems is to work on ourselves. It is only after we regain our greatness, that we will be able to do be successful in the one thing we were made to do. We were made to solve problems. Now we have to focus on our own.


Save yourSelf. Save the world.


Make yourSelf great again.



Conjure and Coffee Recommends: Cartoons (That Aren’t Rick and Morty*)

If you are in you in the 30+ crowd like I am, you probably grew up in one of the best time blocks for animation on TV. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, TailSpin, G.I. Joe, Duck Tales, Batman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, X-Men, the list is exhaustive. Basically, any type of hero we needed, any story we wanted to hear, any sort of friends we were lacking in real life, were there on our screens on Saturday mornings.

The cartoons of the 80s and 90s were my first taste of visual escapism. It was because of the X-Men cartoon that I jumped into comic books. It was because of April O’Neil in TMNT I learned that being a lady journalist was badass. And I’m pretty sure I remember the capitals of the states primarily because of Wakko’s song from Animaniacs. For a lonely weirdo kid, these cartoons were my friends. They were my muses. They were my babysitters. The animations dancing around on my TV during that time helped provide a burst of color to my, and I’m sure others, young life.

Significant animations weren’t limited to just the small screen in the 80s and 90s. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which might be the first and most iconic marriage of live action and animation, was released in June of 1988. That movie was a brilliant merging of what had been seen as a typical art form for children with the storytelling of an adult feature film. It would become a heavy influence and inspiration for animation for decades to come. Disney spent those two decades putting out some of the most influential and lucrative animated films in history.

Maybe we did live in the gap between Cinderella and Frozen, but we had The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Toy Story. Kindly say “There’s a snake in my boot!” or “This is Halloween” to a peer of yours and I will bet you dollars to donuts, they know exactly what you’re referencing. And too, if you’ve never held your cat (or child for that matter) outstretched while chanting Rafiki style, I don’t know if we can be friends.

That being said here are 5 cartoons that I personally love. And I think, if you gave them a try, you’d love them too.

Adventure Time


Adventure Time is the classic tale of a boy and his dog going out in the world. But the world is a surreal post-apocalyptic land full of candy people, vampires, Ice Kings and Bubblegum Princesses. Oh, and the boy is the last human and his dog can shapeshift and talk.

In the midst of all that, some ultra heavy real-life issues are tackled. Love, loss, friendships, family alienation, and loneliness are just a few of them. One of my favorite things about the show is that during this hero’s journey that Finn and Jake are on, Finn and the world around him age. Characters grow and relationships change. Storylines mature along with their characters.  The canon for this show gets DEEP. And occasionally, dark. Very dark and very emotional. Also, keep an eye on the supporting characters. They are all wonderfully fleshed out and many have complicated backstories of their own. There are quite a few strong female characters that are both heroic and flawed. Which is pretty much how the world works.

To say my family loves this show would be a disservice. How important is this show to my family? Well,

This is Jake, our bulldog.


And this is Marceline, our daughter.


Where and How to Watch:  Adventure Time is still airing on a limited schedule on Cartoon Network. You can find the whole series on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Youtube. (subscription/service fees may apply)

Gravity Falls


Did you watch The X-Files and Twin Peaks growing up? I really think Alex Hirsh, the creator of Gravity Falls, sure the heck did.

Gravity Falls follows fraternal twins Dipper and Mabel Pines as they spend the summer with their Grunkle Stan in a weirdo oddball town in Oregon. Grunkle Stan, who is probably the greatest con man not working the tent revival circuit, runs a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not rip off roadside attraction called the Mystery Shack. The oddities Grunkle Stan charges people to see are nothing compared to the actual oddities that roam the surrounding area. Gnomes, giants, one-eyed interdimensional beings, everything is possible and probably probable in the town of Gravity Falls.  Like Adventure Time, the story here is deep full of unexpected turns. Not only does the show tackle the always creepy, always unexplainable Pacific Northwest, it also struggles with sibling relations, socio-economic inequality, zombies, age differences, friendships and the struggles of being the weird kid. We’ve all been the weird kid so those feels are real.

Where and How to Watch: Gravity Falls has run it’s course and reached a logical closure point. Reruns show sporadically on Disney XD. You can find the series in its entirety on Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, iTunes, and Youtube. (subscription/service fees may apply). If that’s not enough to satisfy you, check out the Gravity Falls Graphic Novels!


Summer Camp Island summer_camp_island_9

This show is brand new but has fast become one of my absolute favorites. Summer Camp Island follows the adventures of best friends Oscar, an elephant and Hedgehog, a hedgehog as they go to summer camp on, you guessed it, an island. But wait? Did that camp counselor just poof into a witch once the parents left? And did that tree just come alive?  And holy sparkles, do those marshmallows have teeth?!

Summer Camp Island takes the surrealism of Adventure Time and builds on it. The show’s creator, Julia Potts, actually worked on AT as a story artist. The character dedication and storytelling are very similar and just as enduring as that of AT. My favorite episode revolves around Hedgehog turning into a werewolf. No spoilers but I promise, that episode hits home on many, many levels. The overall theme of accepting and celebrating your personal weirdness and being true to your friends isn’t honestly presented enough.

Also, anytime there’s a sassy witch with pink hair, I’m all about it.
Where and How to Watch: Summer Camp Island is currently airing on Cartoon Network and on Boomerang. They actually just completed a 24-hour marathon of the show! If you aren’t hooked by now, they really want to make sure you are! I’m not aware of any streaming options but the CN app may have it available.

Steven Universesteven_560x230

First, to get it out of the way, Rebecca Sugar is a genius and I have a total crush on her. Like Julia Potts, she worked on Adventure Time. Her last episode as a storyboard artist for Adventure Time was the Emmy nominated “Simon & Marcy” from season 5.  After that, she left Adventure Time to start her own show, Steven Universe. Which just happened to be the first show on Cartoon Network created solely by a woman.

Steven Universe is about the adventures of the young man who the show is named for. Steven’s life is little more complicated than a normal beach living son of a musician turned car washer. That’s because his Earth isn’t quite our Earth. His Earth has The Crystal Gems, a group of magical humanoid gemstone aliens who guard Earth. Steven himself is half Gem as his mom Rose Quartz was the leader of The Crystal Gems. There is so much more here I’d really love to tell you but you really need to experience it for yourself.  The show focuses on a lot of the same things as Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. Steven Universe, however, has some a-freaking-mazing sci-fi world building. There are adult sci-fi shows that lack the expanse this show has. Also, Steven Universe is beautifully LGBTQ+ friendly. It is one of the most accepting and empowering shows of any genre on TV currently.

Steven Universe is for Everyone!

Where and How to Watch: Steven Universe is still airing albeit on a modified schedule, on Cartoon Network. It is also available on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Youtube, and the Cartoon Network app. (subscription/service fees may apply)


Ruby Gloom81dcksz8d3l-_ri_

Ruby Gloom started not as TV pitch or idea but as a stationary line made by the Mighty Fine company. With books and backpacks, pens and fancy paper, Ruby Gloom was initially marketed towards the goth subculture before being turned into a kid’s TV show. It started airing on Canadian TV in late 2006.

With its goth underlying still shining, Ruby Gloom is a wonderful concoction of humor and darkness. With characters that are just flat out adorable for those of us who spent too many summers dressed in all black, it’s ultra relatable and easy fun. Skull Boy, Doom Kitty, Misery, and Iris join the titular character as they try to look on the bright side, no matter how dark and dreary it might be.

Also, the music in this show is outstanding. It’s surprising how good the musical storytelling is in the show. When was the last time you heard Zydeco in a kid’s show? Or in any show? It’s cool on it’s own!
Where and How to Watch: Ruby Gloom is no longer airing. You can find it to stream on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. (subscription/service fees may apply)


Today, animation has been solidified as a serious art form. From Cartoon Network to Sundance, Disney XD to the Academy Awards, animation is not just for children. Often times, it’s able to tell stories that live action can’t quite grasp. And sometimes that’s even with the help of anthropomorphised animals, fairy tale creatures, magic, and above all else, friendship and love.

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  • I want to take this space to admit that I’ve never really watched Rick and Morty. I hear, from multiple people from multiple stations in life that it actually is hilarious. I just can’t get over the clips I saw of Rick and Morty fans being cringey as fuck in an effort to get some Szechuan sauce at McDonald’s. Maybe it is badass and I’m missing out, but eh, I’ll take a pass. Also, that constant burping thing is kind of gross. As an addition sidenote: if you noticed, I left shows like Archer and Bojack Horseman off the list. They are great shows but have all the hype they need.