The Problem With Purity Rings

After days of conversation and hours of introspection, my husband and I have decided that on our son’s thirteenth birthday we’re giving him a necklace. Unlike the “chains” that so many others boast about this necklace will be a locket. Inside that locket will be a picture of me. More than just a lovely picture […]


My family medical history reads like a Cause of Death report Any one of the illnesses I’m set to inherit Would be the case close decision For any dead body in any morgue Anywhere And if the high blood pressure, diabetes, And likelihood of breast and/or ovarian cancer Doesn’t clock me out early and in […]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Five sleep solutions from a reluctant sleeper  Note: I am not a doctor and the claims made in this post are not meant to be taken as medical advice. Each person is different. Consult with your care team before you make any changes or take any new medication. Sleep is a weird thing. When we […]